YP DESIGN HOUSE is a rapidly emerging Interior Design firm established since 2001.  A firm which is living with times, adapting to the times and changing with the times.

At YP DESIGN HOUSE we offer each client a combination of imaginative design expertise and intense involvement with specialization in interior design and space planning.  We strive to create powerful and clear design solutions individual to each project and to each client. Our firm focus is on development of properly integrated systems, modern methodologies with strong designing team. 

YP DESIGN HOUSE has spared no time or effort to keep with modern technology. The firm has a fully equipped and electronically linked design facilitating with clients and sites. Satisfaction to each clients and their needs committed with perfection YP DESIGN HOUSE has a in-house latest designing infrastructure to meet cutting edge interiors.


YP DESIGN HOUSE has spared no time or effort to keep with modern technology. YP DESIGN HOUSE utilizes a deep tool set of both talent and technology to meet our clients objectives. During design development we strive to provide clients various visual presentations of concepts, designs, materials in order that they receive a ‘true feel’ of the ideas carried out for the project. 



Hello I am Shruti….. the creative, crazy yet organized mind behind YP DESIGN HOUSE. Being an Interior Designer and Space Planner,  I strongly believe that ‘Color’ , ‘Pattern’ , ‘Texture’ and ‘ Form’ creates basic vocabulary of distinctive design language.  I also like to play and explore  with different finishes , material , pattern and texture which adds creativity and interest to space.


With my 15 years of experience into the world of Design industry I help people realize that design, beauty , comfort and safety can be combined effectively and efficiently. Call me crazy, but I truly love to Design and organize! I think the entire process is fun, enjoyable - and necessary. I believe and that with creativity and learning ,giving back should be fun….I feel extremely blessed - I do what I love and I love what I do. I get to meet wonderful people and work with amazing clients, sponsors, and fellow bloggers ……

I definitely don’t do it alone…

"I have a great God! He has created this amazing opportunity for me. He has stretched me, taught me, and used me in ways I never could have imagined." 



Re-arranging my room with proper space management is something I loved to do since my child hood. I never liked a cluttered look. Fortunately made up my career as an Interior Architect with specialization in space planning and launched YP DESIGN HOUSE as a full scale Interior Design Firm. I had a unique opportunity of working with few of the most well known designers in Mumbai. 


Interior design is an expression of personality and a form of communication. It is intended to evoke an emotion from the people surrounded by each space. " As an Interior Designer and Space Planner I have spent my entire career developing the skills that make it possible to create space out of almost nothing. Having the drive and passion for designing wonderful interior spaces I had a desire of making professional interior design accessible to everyone. With the increasing demand for substantive set free Design services Decorate Ur Home an unique concept was born which is perfect for the design enthusiast who wants advice from an experienced interior designer without committing to a full-scale contract. 

"It is my mission is to create spaces for my clients that reflect their personalities, while producing an inspiring and timeless design. I set high standards for myself and for my projects and I strive to exceed those expectations." 

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