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All your interior design questions will be answered!!!

You’ve got home decorating questions, we can help.


Our Answer Online service is designed to give you exclusive access to your own personal Designer to answer your specific design questions… online.


It’s perfect for those of you who have Designing questions but don’t want to purchase

a complete e-decorating plan for your room.


So, whether you’re looking for designer paint color recommendations, the perfect

sofa for your Living Room or a new furniture arrangement for your bedroom…


Whatever your designing questions are, one of our

Professional Designer is standing by with an answer.


YP DESIGN HOUSE offer packages to:




Start by choosing how many questions you’d like to ask, complete your purchase below, 

then ask your first question and upload your pictures.

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Simply sign up and you can ask your decorating questions, privately.


  • Then start typing, ask a question and upload pictures as you desire. Once you’ve received your answer you can post your next question and so on until all of your decorating questions are answered.

  • Everything from “What’s the best way to light up my Media Room?” to “What’s the perfect color scheme for my Bathroom?” any decorating question, on any topic for any room in your home… there are no limitations, it’s all included!

  • Once you’ve submitted your question your personal Designer will get to work finding the resources, coming up with ideas and crafting your response so that in as little as 48 hours you’ll have solid well thought out decorating advice for each and every decorating challenge you encounter on the road to creating your perfect dream home.

  • Be specific and target a single area at a time.

  • For example “Can you suggest an area rug for my family room?” is a more specific question than “How would you decorate this room?”

  • However, if you are not sure what your room needs and just looking for a brief overview than feel free to ask “What’s not working with my room?” We’ll respond with a summary of ideas and the logic behind our responses.

  • For example, in response to the question “What’s not working with my room?” we’d respond something like this...“I’d suggest trying a new furniture arrangement, because…” OR “Your room needs a strong focal point, because…” Once you know what specific area’s you’d like to tackle you can then use your next question to request solutions like “Can you suggest a piece of artwork for my fireplace mantle?”

Let’s tackle your decorating and design dilemmas, one question at a time.


Here are a few samples of great questions to ask for

Answer  Online Service:


  1. “Can you help me find a light for my Dining Room Table?”

  2. “What color should I paint my Bedroom? Living Room? Foyer?”

  3. “What style of drapes would be best for my Study?”

  4. “How big should the area rug be in my Media Room?”

  5. “I need a new dresser for my Bedroom; can you suggest a dresser style?”

  6. “I’m renovating my kitchen and can’t decide on a cabinet style, can you help me choose between…?”

  7. “I’d like to create a photo arrangement on this wall; can you suggest a layout using these frames?”

  8. “I need new chairs for my Dining Room; can you suggest a stylish new option?”

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