Online Interior Design

e-decorating is customized to your home & tailored to your specifications.


It’s a step-by-step decorating guide packed full of specific decorating advice for your room.


Each Online Interior design plan is created from scratch and includes everything

you need to know to create your designer room.


So, now you don’t have to stress about anything, it covers each and every aspect of your room.

Space Planning, Furniture Arrangement, Room Color Scheme, Decorative Accessories, Artwork, Lighting, Area Rugs..  

we’ll do it all for you!

We offer e-decorating services and packages regardless of your location or budget.

YP DESIGN HOUSE offer packages to:




Select the DESIGN PACKAGE or service that best fits you.
  • We will mail you our QUESTIONNAIRE to know about your PERSONAL PROFILE and DESIGN PROFILE (includes room details, style details, color pallet, design preferences) so that will tell us about your space, style and needs.
  • This QUESTIONNAIRE helps US to find out your DECORATING STYLE. It’s an important part of getting to know you, and how you use your room. So please fill it out with as much detail as possible and as early as possible. The more personal you make it, the more personalized your design will be.
  • TAKE PHOTOS of the room(s) you'd like decorated and share with us.
  • Use our GET INSPIRED section for our photo gallery.
  • Go to GET INSPIRATION section to find different ways which will help us to know your design style better.
  • Share with us the dimensions of your existing items of furniture you would like to keep in your chosen room. Feel free to also email any photos you find inspiring or a picture of your favorite fabric or chair to inspire US!
  • Take the dimensions of your chosen room as per our MEASUREMENT GUIDE or send us the FLOOR PLAN (enclosed in agreement copy or available at builder’s office)
  • Once your information sheet, room images, measurements, inspiration links have been received, the design process begins and will take approximately two weeks to be completed and sent back to you.
  • Depending on the project package selected, your Design Summary may include design plans, paint colors, color palette, furnishing selections and pertinent reference images, product information, finishes, material suggestions , sources and tips on how to put your new space together.
  • We will give you an Access to our extensive list of wholesale and trade suppliers.
  • We will offer you the Trade Discounts on furniture, furnishings, lights and other décor items.
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