Hourly Consultation

The choices, clarity, and confidence you need to create the look you want!


In-person consultations at your home or office are offered in hourly time blocks according to your specific needs. No matter which time package you choose, we will utilize the time allotted productively, we work with your existing furniture and will also specify new pieces if desired.


Select an option below and book your appointment now. Our time slots fill up, so please book early!


What package is right for you?

Because our sessions are not limited to one room, the more time we have, the more rooms we can do for you.


YP DESIGN HOUSE offer their packages to:




You can always start with the smallest package that you are comfortable with and then schedule additional sessions as needed in the future.


If you would like to discuss the options in more detail, please feel free to call us and we will help you select the right package for you.

Here are few ways to use our On-site Consultation Services

Color my world

If you can’t quite settle on a new color scheme, we can suggest some alternatives and show which colors work best with others.




Shopping assistance

If you have favorite stores, we’ll go together and pick out some great items. If you need help finding the right store, we have several in mind.




Moved or moving

Whether you’re downsizing or moving into a larger home, we can give recommendations about what to keep, what to toss, what to buy, what you need, where to put it and where to shop.





If you have a big party coming up, we’ll help you rearrange the furniture, move accessories around and take simple steps to beautify your space.




Future art collector

For people who want to have art on their walls but don’t know where to begin, we’ll provide suggestions about what to get and where to buy it. We’ll even shop with you if you want.If you have paintings and photos that need framing and arranging, we can help with that as well. We can assist with sizes, colors and frame styles. Just let us know what you need.

New construction or Space planning

Your contractor needs you to make some difficult choices about finishes, tiles, stain, cabinets, counter tops, lighting, etc. And they need this information quickly so materials can be ordered. We can help sort out all the details so you can choose the materials and items that work best for your space. With extensive experience in space planning, we can examine your layouts and offer a fresh perspective.




Can’t-pull-the trigger

You’ve shopped until you drop, looking at so many sofas and furnishings without making a decision. You have fabric samples galore and you’re totally overwhelmed. We’ll provide a professional opinion and narrow down your options so you can make a choice that’s right for you.




New baby

Decorating for that new arrival can be fun but it can also be stressful at a time in your life when you want to keep things simple. We’ll work with you to create a beautiful layout with colors, furniture and fun accents that will make your baby’s room unique and cheerful.




Gift your Friend/Relative

Do you know someone who could use our services? Buy them a gift card for any amount of hours (minimum of two) and we’ll we package it in a beautifully wrapped gift package.

What You Get During Your Consultation?

Depending on your needs and priorities and the time frame we have, your consultation may involve:

  • Space planning of your interior floor plan

  • Furniture arrangement discussion, design and sketches

  • Paint color schemes

  • Elevation sketches of bookcases, built-ins or cabinetry

  • Answers to any of your design questions

  • Shopping for furniture and fabrics with you

What You Get After Your Consultation?

A typed up comprehensive, easy-to-understand Design Summary complete with notes, vendor information, dimensions, current pricing, available lead times including images of the items discussed. Scanned copies of all the sketches we made during our onsite visit with you,Sources for upholstery, construction, painters and more.

hourly consultation packages

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