Choose Clever Furniture

The first role of choosing furniture for a small home is to have as little as possible. Even a large house can feel cramped if it’s filled with too much badly chosen & a wrongly positioned furniture. To make any sized space feel comfortable and look attractive it’s vital to choose items of furniture that work cleverful for your home.


For real space enhancing solutions seek out items that are as unfussy as possible and preferably relatively slender & streamlined in style. In general avoid deep upholstery, bulky outlines & ornate detailing. Anything raised in legs or kept cantilevered will make the room seem larger as it increases the amount of visible floor area. Furniture that is lean & low with more room above the ceiling feels higher & low furnishings also minimize what’s a view at eye-level. However conversely there are times when it is more appropriate to choose tall, thin Furnishings storage pieces for e.g.:- will fit into a smaller floor space if that shape and yet still hold the same amount of belongings.


Why have two pieces of furniture when we will do just as well & taking up half the amount of space. The sofa bed is a king of dual-purpose furniture but there are all sorts of other times that serve more than one purpose. You might choose a dinning table with a cutlery drawer at each end or a coffee table with integrated space for magazines. A built in bench seat could double as a storage chest for toys; a stool could be a side table or chest of drawers used as a TV. Stand for room need to be divided, a set of open shelves will screen of one area while providing space for books and two side tables pushed together could become a convenient dinning table with a little lateral thinking all sorts of furnishing can lead a double life.


In the tightest of spaces it is simply not possible to have all your furniture out all of the time for e.g. it work at home you may use a computer & other stuff required in bedroom but want to conceal your office before you go to sleep hideaway furniture is the answer. Pieces can be hidden in a convenient space, perhaps flat against the wall, elevated in hooks, hoisted up to the ceiling , tucked under the bed, or secreted in a cupboard. Foldaway beds are a good solution to a space problem they are simply pulled down from the wall when wanted (and they dint even have to be made up each night as sofa bed would). Foldaway dinning tables & iron boards can follow the same principle. If you have a fixed size table with limited room around it buys stools instead of chairs or bench & push them underneath when not wanted for moving all but the lightest furniture on a regular basis castor are useful . Choose the kind that can be looked once the piece is on place.

Choose furniture that stacks folds, slides, rolls, hangs or can tucks into it. In a compact home a two seater sofa will always make more sense than a three seater while a smart suede cube may be a better seater option than a big armchair. It does depend on how you live, whatever you do never compromise on the size of your bed.


Don’t furnish your entire house with compact pieces; use them where you really need them. Make ensure that it is simple in style and has a certain consistency to that shapes, sizes, colour & texture are limited across the areas. In this way your furniture becomes a seamless whole rather than a desperate jarring variety of style.

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