Color Most Powerful Decorating Element

when you enter a room is color. It can be welcoming bouquet of roses or deep red walls that envelope you like an embrace. No single element determines the mood or appearance of a room as definitively as color. Properly wielded color creates atmosphere defines spaces and proportion, establishes order and exudes emotions.

Color can push up ceiling make a barn, feel cozy or transform a bland white box into a Jewel box. The Psychology of color to human behavior is an important subject to be known. Hospitals rooms, classrooms, Fast Food, restaurants and offices are painted in colors to influence the behavior and moods of the people who use these spaces.

Even the products on the shelves of your local super market have been packaged in colors carefully chosen to attract your attention and encourage you to buy. So why are people so hesitant to use color in their home environments? Why are we afraid of color? The first step to relinquishing fear in the use of color is to understand the Psychological effect it has on us.

It is important to establish & maintain a theme with color throughout the home with floors, windows, drapes, upholsterers, fabrics etc. The location of the color in the room will influence the style and character of the room. Work out which rooms will have a lot of sunlight & which will not. If a room is on the cool side of the house use warmer colors & vice-versa. Each room should be treated individually even though you may want a cohesive scheme throughout your home. Always choose the color according to the space. Dark colors on the ceiling however make the room seem claustrophobic. Light colored ceiling has the added benefit of reflecting more light into the room.

Here below are the different examples of application of colour in different rooms with different moods:

Neutrals blend so naturally: Here is the example of a Kitchen where Neutral colors blend naturally. Neutral scheme is built on willow green and butter yellow. The simplicity of this palette of this kitchen is matched by the minimalist clutter resulting in unsurpassed sheer elegance. The glow of butter yellow glows ambient light quietly enlivens this subtle restful palette.

Colors that comfort: Backdrop of wall in the amethyst color and the amethyst silk curtains creates the solidity and ignite the mood, providing a bold background for the eclectic style of art. The deep rich quality of these darkened tones can make the bedroom a quiet, secure heaven, a place to retreat from the pace of the outside world. Contrasts of oyster white adds aura of sophistication.

Colors with Energy: Pure color such as red creates tremendous excitement in a room. Placing the color next to white helps mute the vibration. Design elements combining the correct use of color to maintain a space will create an interior that flows smoothly. Yet combining colors with imagination, style and wit is one of the toughest challenges confronting anyone who designs a room. There is something supremely satisfying about a room dressed in right colors. However, daring to try something new is fun & may reveal a new side of you, the possibilities are endless.

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