Importance of Storage

When space is at a premium you need to take advantage of every scrap of it you can squeeze out. It is possible for a professional designer to find a place for everything no matter however small the space might be; you need to think practically about what space you have & what you want to do with it.

While carrying out the interior designing & space planning of a particular home, a good professional will take care of every smallest requirement which may fall into the category “Activities” or say “Entertainment” or say “Outing & Picnics” or some important storage for our daily chores which might seem to be very petty & silly but that same very thing will disorganize & make us run halter shelter. So today we will discuss about the storage of this petty but very important things of our home & how to arrange them in a systematic manner with an aesthetic touch.


To begin with living room here are some of the very minutest things of the house, yet important to keep one home tidy & look beautiful.

  • Shoe rack / Toolkit

  • Storage for laundry clothes

  • Gas cylinder

  • Keys stand under dispatch

These are the activities which are normally carried out in the entrance, sleek console table can be designed in such manner where in an ‘focal point’ is been designed to attract the visitors and at same time it is solving the purpose of all these utilities mentioned above with making a slit drawers and fixing of shelves.Then comes: The place for

1. Magazines / Newspapers

2. Important documents, files say light bill, telephone bill, medicals- first aid kit, iron-laundry bills paid non-paid accounts, milk accounts.

3. Entertainment- where there is enough space for CDS, some indoor games, which are played in living room, place for family albums.

For magazine / newspapers - a multipurpose center table with minimalist look can be designed where in newspapers and magazines can be stacked systematically & are also easy to access.

While designing a T.V. unit, see that the unit is designed in such a manner where all your documents, files, referral books, indoor games are segregated well yet not giving a bulky look.Entertainment zone like T.V, VCD, and CDS section is bifurcated giving a clear vision.


A music instrument like guitar harmonium occupies lot of space. Then comes painting while spaces planning these are also the important points to be taken care of as they require a particular area and the storage for the same is also very essential. Select a particular room where in you want to carry out your hobbies & make the storage place accordingly.

Dining area:

1. Table mats

2. Tissue papers / tooth picks

3. Table napkins / coasters

4. Cutlery

5. Sweets / chocolates

6. Fruit bowls

Design a dinette with drawers for small nick-knacks mentioned above, as it will help you to get the things handy and handle any situation or occasion systematically.


While planning a kitchen a good storage and basic necessities are taken care of. But quite often, it so happens you forget to discuss with the designer very important daily routine habits, difficulties while cooking or storage, which you might face many a times, but yet the category goes under neglect-ion that might be:

1. Enough place for lunch boxes/Tiffin's.

2. Breakfast tins, which are easily accessible for children as well as family members.

3. Soft board for small notes/menu for the cook

4. Place for serving trays/kitchen napkins, aprons

5. Place for recipe books, small toolkits need for kitchen purpose

While designing & planning your kitchen drawers can create for above-mentioned things in an appropriate manner where in, it can be placed in a functional accessible way.


1. Personal albums.

2. Winter wear

3. Occasional bed dressings

4. Important personal documents, files

5. Referral books, novels if found of

6. A place for daily knick knacks like wallet, watch, mobiles, office bag, office referrals

7. Place for worn clothes, which are just worn for couple of hours and can reuse.

After designing these above requirements with your designer a good professional designer will plan out your wardrobes and discussions can be made in such a manner that your wardrobes can be rather perfect organizer.

For daily nick-knacks, office bags while designing a study table place can be designed for all this stuff.


1. Toys

2. General knowledge books, storybooks.

3. Indoor games, outdoor games

4. Winter ware clothes

5. Soft board

6. Activity play area

Discuss with your experienced designer to know more about the list of questions and items make a utility for every inch of space given.

This will give you an organized living.

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