Kitchen Is a Heart of a Home

Updated: May 12, 2018

Kitchen is the heart of the homes. With homes getting smaller & smaller today kitchens too have to perforce become tinier. However if one plans with care even a poky kitchen can be manipulated to become a work efficient and create a pleasant atmosphere. Solving the problems of designing a functional kitchen in a minuscule area is difficult but not impossible.

Your kitchen should look and feel as delicious as the food you prepare there. Energy efficient appliances, user-friendly accessories, easy to maintain finish, soft music & proper lighting can make cooking an enjoyable activity.

The kitchen is usually the greediest area for storage, demanding not only sufficient space for a vast and diverse range of equipment's & edibles, but also in specific places, if the room is to have any sense of order. It is easier to find the room for everything if the kitchen is well designed and thoroughly planned from the outset.

Good looks are of course, an important aspect but efficient function, safety & economy of movement must be worked into the scheme too.

Planning or simply reorganizing a kitchen involves a network of decisions. You need to give a great deal of thought on the food habits of the family & the type of kitchen you would like to work in. The best way to tackle the situation is to consider the position of the basic elements. Cooker, sink & refrigerator. These form three corners of a working triangle. These three centers are linked together by continuous or broken work counters depending upon the particular. When designing kitchen takes care to leave space for future additions you may want to make.

The storage system can facilitate or impede the main task of cooking and keep the kitchen looking spruce & tidy of veritable mess at the end of the day’s cooking. Before organizing your storage requirements rid yourself from all unnecessary & unwanted clutter. Make a list of all the things you really need to store, segregating them into categories of daily , often & seldom used. Remember it is not the amount of storage space that makes for efficiency but the appropriateness & correct placement of these facilities.

Few suggestions for having an efficient & dynamic kitchen.

  • Color in the kitchen can add zest to and otherwise hardworking, functional space.

  • To give a kitchen a fresh new look without completely remodeling it, replace appliances & countertops, add decorative tiles & alter the lighting.

  • Make the kitchen inviting for everyone in the household. If a kitchen is big enough, for instance with varying counter heights or a separate activity area with a chalkboard.

  • Use soft geometry and create a kitchen space, which goes far beyond the traditional boxes on the wall cabinet concept.

  • Today’s sociable kitchen should be rich visual experience and a pleasure to use. Consider materials such as granite, stainless steel and dark woods as accent materials to provide contrast.

  • Assure the overall comfort of the kitchen by installing the quietest materials & appliances.

  • Last but not least, create a kitchen that is functional for the jobs at hand, comfortable enough to live in and personal enough to entertain in and enjoy.

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