Liven Up the Entrance

The first impression is generally the best impression! As you welcome guest into your home, it is the flavor of the entrance that first hits them. No matter how well designed or well kept your home may be the foyer, consider or even a small passage at the entrance makes a world of difference. Here are some decor tips on spurning up your entrance…..

A warm and inviting entrance is the ultimate aim. In fact it is very to achieve this, as the entrances are areas that are generally small. Even the passages are generally narrow and after ensuring that there is enough space to pass along, it is perhaps mostly the walls that demand a design element.

1. Ideally, the walls in the entrance and those of the adjoining rooms that are immediately visible should be painted in the same colour or in tonal variations of the same color.

2. A single dominant feature like a stained-glass window or a large indoor palm or an old fashioned console with a large mirror above it commands immediate attention.

3. Arrange a smart and convenient multipurpose cabinet that will not only the footwear but also cater your daily needs and requirements like key holders / tool kits dispatch section which will effectively avoid undestorable clutter or so that the essential clutter is put away.

You could also make a large collage of welcoming pictures, both coloured and black and white and cover the expanse of one wall creating an outstanding element of design in the room.

5. If you are a collector of art, you could showcase a part of your collection in the entry way. But make sure you control the display. It is very easy to go overboard with enthusiasm and make an unsightly view.

6. Avoid using a rug in the corridor. Preferably use a long length of carpet so that accidents caused due to tripping could be avoided.

7.Use mood lighting with a single up lighter or with spot lights conversely light up the entrance brightly letting in sunshine and charm to the space.

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