Comprehensive design package takes into consideration your furniture plan, furniture items, color palette, lighting, window treatments, artwork, and accessories selections.
Your COMPLETE DESIGN PACKAGE gives color and material boards, floor plan, personalized shopping guide and more showing you the perfect piece for each and every furnishing in your room.
2-3 weeks for delivery on receipt of your information (questionnaire, photos and room dimensions).
Concept package priced per room/space.

Complete Design Package

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    • A Written Summary of your personal design recommendations and suggestions. It is helpful for our clients to have the“why” behind our design process so they can successfully carry out the design.
    • You will get a professional advice to layout the furniture in a room so that it functions correctly and looks great. 
    • You will get two layout options using your existing furniture, new furnishings or a combination of both - your choice.
    • Furniture Design and Specifications (Furniture that works in your space / no more guessing about the size of furniture). That includes details such as size, finish and fabric.
    • You will get LIGHTING LAYOUT: assessing your current lighting and suggesting appropriate solutions and options.
    • Accessories, Art and Lamp Recommendations to compliment the overall design style of your new room.
    • Window Treatments ideas and style Focusing on the best styles, fabrics, lining, and hardware options for your windows.  
    • Paint Color Suggestion(s) to complement the look and unify the space.
    • Professional Interior Design Tips that help answer questions that may arise during the process; questions such as how do I read my floor plans?

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