Focuses on creating your ultimate floor plan as well as selecting the items for your room.You will get a professional advice to layout the furniture in a room so that it functions correctly and looks great.
2-3 weeks for delivery on receipt of your information (questionnaire, photos and room dimensions).
Concept package priced per room/space.

Furniture Layout + Selection

online interior design service for
    • You will get two layout options per room, using your existing furniture, new furnishings or a combination of both - your choice.
    • We will select the Furniture that works in your space, the design including details such as size, finish and fabric. Also will provide the resources if you wish to buy online. 
    • You will have to do no more guessing about the size of furniture you order on-line. 
    • A Written Summary of your personal design recommendations and suggestions. It is helpful for our clients to have the“why” behind our design process so they can successfully carry out the design.

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