Custom Made Furniture



There are a number of advantages to considering Tailor made furniture for your home. For those who prefer individuality over mass production / consumption, it affords an opportunity to personalize your living environment. Art is something most of us desire in our lives, but typically it is thought of in terms of paintings and sculpture. Tailor made furniture is a blend of both the artistic, sculptural form and the practical, ergonomic considerations which are reality. We need tables… why not buy one which is individually sculpted? Indeed, choosing tailor made furniture over mass-produced goods often lends the opportunity to customize to your exact needs.

  • Tailor made furniture methodology allows to create a solution that is functional, ergonomically sound and aesthetically gratifying.

  • Designs can be built-in ,freestanding to ensure maximum flexibility and portability

  • Tailor made furniture can virtually be for any space in the room.

  • Tailor made furniture will give you a furniture layout which will be most functional for the room, plan to scale , furniture to fit in keeping in mind the traffic flow for the room.

  • Tailor made furniture will allow you to know the constructions of the furniture so that your money is spent appropriately on the right pieces.

  • Tailor made furniture allows you to know what fabrics and leathers will stand the time for the rooms use. With leather and fabric there are different grades. The grades factor the cost not necessarily the durability.

  • Tailor made furniture provides a wide selection of material and color options , furniture designs with its details like edge, wood, other materials like knobs etc.

  • Tailor made furniture will entirely take care to meet our clients expectations as well as maintain its term with high design standards.

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